Thursday, November 24, 2011

N Routers vs G Routers

Cheap N routers vs G Routers for Sales

There are two types of wireless routers in ther market, you're likely to come across when shopping around for a broadband deal and it is true that which one is better suited to your needs than another.
Wireless routers and the WiFi networks they broadcast work using the 802.11 standard and like all things technological this standard is constantly being worked upon and improved to keep up with the demands of new applications.
The 802.11g version of wireless networking, recognisable as a 54Mbps wireless router or 'G-router', is the current workhorse and is built into the routers given away by most broadband providers
G-Router speed is 54Mbps,
N-router Speed is 108, 150, and 300Mbps.
N router is more better at same Price.

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