Saturday, January 7, 2012

CCNP Route 642-902 Latest Question 7-JAN-2012

Some Latest Question CCNP 642-902 (ROUTE) 2012
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Eigrp and OSPF redistribution LAB Sim (Very important note)
In the real exam ospf are is different then osfp proses number
R2(config)#router ospf 1  not 24 and same like 34 is not process id.
and use under command (distance eigrp 90 105 )if in question asked used the best path or best bandwidth or best short high speed path the you will get 100%, it is sure and guarantee.

CCNP 642-902 Eigrp and ospf sim lab 2012


  1. it is good to get 100% max

  2. Asim@ we have to add in both router R2 and R3 or only one. Thanks

  3. Can some one share new dump , i have to set at exam after 1 weeks. thank in advanced.


  4. @anonymous

    Do only on R2. That is enough.

  5. It is great i used today and got 1000 (distance eigrp 90 105.
    Question was used shortest path with greatest bandwidth. so i used as per above site.
    Thanks for all.

  6. can anyone explain above case study

  7. Dear Prabha ,
    I pass yesterday, it was same quastion but very confused, i just check the word "greatest bandwidth".then i used distance
    good luck and thanks.

  8. dear all i pass just one hour before with 960 that is good,
    but in eigrp AS was same EIGRP 100, but ospf was different then showing above so do carefull.process # as 1 in ospf.

  9. plz how do i get full configuration of this simulation

  10. thanks for share Samina...
    100% agreed!!